Eating healthy is a life long journey, and it isn't a walk in the park. Here is how I've found my way to where I am now with eating healthy, and how you can too! - Healthyand Golden
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My History of Undereating, Overeating and Just Eating in General.

Eating healthy.

Everyone says it is of major importance, which it is. To eat healthy means you are healthy, and you live longer, all those benefits blah blah blah. But to actually eat healthy. That is some hard work, and a lot of will power.

Today, I’m talking about my history of bad eating. What good is it to preach to you about healthy eating and all the things you should do to get there, when you have no idea about my experiences that I’ve had, to try and get there myself.

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You could say that I’ve tried most things. Fad diets, eating nothing, eating just dairy, taking tablets, shakes.. all that jazz.

Before I start though, it’s easy to let you know that eating healthy has been a struggle my whole life. Since I was a little girl, about 10, I’ve always been quite self aware of my body shape and what that means to others. What a sad, sad world we live in – the pressure to be pretty and skinny starts young – but I was just a kid, and kids don’t know what’s right and wrong about those type of things.

I remember being called elephant in primary school. Back then, I just thought the guys that called me that were idiots, but as I went into high school, the torment stuck with me a little. Teenage girls are impressionable, and sticks and stones may break bones, but words sure do scar you.

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That’s where things pretty much all started. I remember not eating during the day while at school, and then I’d be binge eating when I got home – it was much easier to starve yourself when food wasn’t around to coax you. Sometimes I would see how many days I could go, only eating dinner at home where my parents were around. But then, those hungry days would be stopped by an overconsumption of bad foods all at once. I still struggle with emotional eating each and every day – crisis in life? Hello chocolate. Anybody else with me there?

But since my teenage years, I’ve been on a rollercoaster trying to find the best fit for weight loss. I’ve tried weight loss shake programs, appetite suppressants, detox liquid diets that taste absolutely revolting. I’ve starved myself for days, tried the Dukan diet (what was that, seriously), tried Whole30 for 11 days. Paid for gym memberships and only gone for 2 months, spent money on nutrition consultations only to ignore what they were saying in the end.

I remember I had a few months where every morning, I would go to the bakery and order myself an apricot Danish and iced coffee, go to work, and then go to the gym for a hard hour, as though I was so healthy, when all I was really doing was burning off a little of that Danish.

It wasn’t until I started to research and begin to change my eating habits to clean eating and paleo that things started to fit right. 5 years ago, I tried Paleo. I love my sweet potato, and I love my pulled meats, so it was just heaven for me. At the time, I was 88kg, the heaviest I had been at that point. I experimented with leangains work, and alongside going to the gym each day after work, and eating paleo, I was becoming the healthiest I had ever been – the weight was coming off and my hormones were regulating.

This was when I fell pregnant with my son (Mister C), as my body had completely reset itself to work effectively. I still to this day swear that Paleo is one of the healthiest eating lifestyle choices you can make.

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Since that time though, and another completely different story of depression, anxiety, PCOS, excess weight gain, pre-diabetes later (which you can read about here), my eating took another turn. I was classed as obese through BMI (although my body shape never reflects that, I just look overweight – it annoys me that my weight can’t reflect my shape – can’t I be as light as I look? Come on – anyway, back to it Emily!).

Over the past two years though, I have slowly regained a semi-clean eating lifestyle, and this is still a constant struggle for me. I have reversed my prediabetes and PCOS, lost close to 20kg, and my depression and anxiety symptoms have dramatically reduced. I can say now that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, and close to hopefully becoming the healthiest I have been, although I still have a long way to go on my weight management journey.


This is one of the reasons why I started to study Health Coaching. Not only for the fact that I can help those who have been in my place, at their lowest low and not knowing where to go from there, but also for my own healthy eating struggles. I love my health research, but I’m looking for the best way for my health to get completely back on track. I am learning about the right ways to reach psychological and physical good health.

My ultimate goal with healthy eating is to become a 75% raw vegan, in which all my meals except for my dinners are raw, and meat-free. Why not 100%? I suffer from anaemia, and at any one time, I’m always borderline anaemic – I just can’t seem to get myself out of it, and this is with eating meat each day, so to exclude this entirely and completely rely on plant based foods to help me out, isn’t quite realistic for me right now. But, as I’ve stated, healthy eating is a journey, and it is always changing. Maybe I will get there, maybe I won’t, but hey, 75% raw vegan is better than 100% fast food hehe.

So here I am, today, blogging about it to you. All the places I have been, and all the things I know, so that in some way I can help you on your own weight management journey, whether you have depression or not, whether you have anxiety or not, whether you are obese/overweight/average/underweight, it does not matter. What matters is good health, and good happiness.

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Here is where I introduce to you the wonderful series I have created – The Fundamentals of Healthy Eating. Over the next three posts, I will be going over the three most important things you need to know to eat healthy, and to keep your eating on track. No it is no miracle cure, it is not a product, it is not a quick fix – I am teaching you life long important strategies to keep you on the way to healthy eating.

So are you excited? I sure am! These are strategies that I use every day to keep myself on track, and what’s even better, with every week, I’m giving you a FREEBIE. Something for you to use for your own health, to get yourself up and at em’! Because, I know, that you want to be healthy. I know that you want to be happy – and those two things go hand in hand.

You can read the first post of the Fundamentals of Healthy Eating right here! Let me know what you think in the comments, and please share your own personal journeys! I love to hear how you are going, and what you are doing for your own health RIGHT. NOW!

Much love,
Emily xxx

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