How to achieve sustainable weight loss through goal setting! @Healthy and Golden
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5 Steps to Goal Setting for Weight Loss and Keeping your Motivation

3 months til Christmas!! Woooo! (sad face)

I bet you’re not excited. Where has this year gone? It feels to me like it was only last week we were watching fireworks at the New Years celebrations near our home.

Time goes so fast! It’s crazy, and its just over 2 months until Summer is here in Aus, although Winter this year was pretty much Summer aswell – my son even went for a swim!!! Yep, a swim at the beach.

But if your dreading summer because it means swimwear, then maybe your thinking of some weight management goals. Or, if your one of my northern hemisphere friends (and I’m so jealous cause you prob get a white Christmas), then maybe your determined to keep the weight off over the winter months.

This winter, I’ve let myself go. Those hot chocolates were talking to me, way more than they should have – they were like your mum’s best friend that pops over for coffee and thinks she knows what’s best for you, but you know, she’s not your mum. Hot chocolate is not your mum, it doesn’t know what’s good for you!! (I tell myself that now..) I may have to hire own of those bubbles to “swim” in just so people can’t see my ‘almost there’ body yet hahaha just kidding….. 😉

Either way – whether it’s summer or winter your heading towards, I’m here with some goal setting tips to help you on your weight management endeavours. If you haven’t been following at home, over the last three weeks I’ve been talking over the Fundamentals of Healthy Eating – all you need to know to eat your healthiest with your personal lifestyle in mind. If you didn’t catch it, you can read the first post here.

How to achieve sustainable weight loss through goal setting! @Healthy and Golden

It is important to think seriously about goal setting for weight management. You don’t want to be in the same spot a few months from now.

It has to be sustainable, manageable and achievable – if you’re completely off the rails with unhealthy eating, you don’t want to jump into a restricted eating regime tomorrow – it just doesn’t work that way (and you’ll seriously kill all your motivation in that time too! – trust me, been there, hatefully done that).

You want your goals to work, and you want to keep up your motivation too. So, here are the…

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#1 – Writing your Goals

As I said before, you don’t want to go straight for the end result. You will set yourself up to fail. One of the best ways to goal set is to take baby steps – if your overall goal is to be a 100% clean eater, then you work backwards from there eliminating one food/group a week or fortnight.

If your overall goal is weight loss, then you need to think realistically for healthy weight loss, not a quick fix. A healthy weight loss is around 1kg a week, any more than that can cause stress on the body.

Also, please do remember about the ‘set point theory’ – the set point in which your body’s weight is physically meant to be by age/genetics/lifestyle. This is where weight plateau’s happen, so be aware that trying to exceed weight loss past this point can be very tricky.

Sustainable Goals

Make sure your goals are realistic. You don’t want to jump for the end result, and push yourself to the max only to burn out quickly in a few weeks. Work backwards from your end results with baby steps, and start right where you are RIGHT NOW.

Manageable Goals

Don’t forget that life happens – and shit. Shit does happen. Think about your lifestyle and what might come up that could possibly affect how you carry out your goals.

Do you have a party coming up, or holiday? What if you get sick?

DON’T be hard on yourself. Allow yourself a ‘little treat’ at these parties, as that mindset will stop you from splurging while you are there. If you go in with a ‘I’m not eating nothing bad’ mindset, if you do accidentally slip up, you are more than likely going to go straight for the ‘all or nothing’ mentality, as you are socialising and around others that are doing the same thing.

Be easy on yourself. 

And if you get sick, you’ve stressed out your body. Try to keep eating healthy, but if you are exercising, tone it down a little. A good weight management regime is about 80% healthy foods, 20% exercise.

You can weight a few days – see what I did there hehe.

Achievable Goals

The best goals are set around time – this helps with motivation. BUT, when writing down your goals, make sure you can actually achieve them.

I know that sounds harsh, but like I said, you don’t want to set yourself up to fail, and you don’t know exactly what obstacles may come up or just how hard you may find it to be.

Look at your overall goal, and think about the little goals you can achieve each week, no matter what – no matter what life throws at you, no matter how you are feeling. What can you do each week to keep yourself going on your journey.

#2 – Throw Out The Scale

How to achieve sustainable weight loss through goal setting! HealthyandGolden

If there is one thing I could prescribe for you, it is to throw out that damn scale!!!!

The scale will talk to you, and a lot of the time, it isn’t nice. Also, people get an unhealthy habit of stepping on the scales every morning/week, and getting down because the needle hasn’t moved.

Weight is not a manageable goal. It is unreliable and has many influences as to whether it moves or not – think of hormones, water weight, sickness, inflammation, time of day, type of food you ate that day. It is not reliable. And, you want to keep your spirits up don’t you? The quickest way to kill motivation and body confidence is with those scales.

Throw. Them. Out.

Make Goals with Measurements – Don’t create goals based on weight. Create goals based on measurements. With all the influences your body has with determining your weight amount, it is best to go by measurements as they are less likely to fluctuate, AND even if the weight doesn’t move, your measurements sure do! Now that’s a confidence boost!

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#3 – Do the Prep Work

You’re not going to be a walking lean clean healthy eating machine with chocolate in the fridge, and chips in the pantry.

Do yourself a favour and do the prep work – clear out foods that tempt you, and go shopping for the good stuff!!

Follow my Fundamentals of Healthy Eating series and you will find the best foods to stack in your kitchen, and between you and me, a ton of freebies like a daily health tracker, and the Healthy Foods Guide that will really help you on your weight management journey.

Track your Journey

What better way to self-manage your journey than to track your eating and lifestyle habits. You will key into when you may be more likely to indulge, or need that extra coffee, and then you can tweak your eating times or foods to be more energy dense to realign your levels.

Most times, we are not aware of our habits until they are right in front of us on paper!
In the link above, you will find my daily health tracker which includes an emotion tracker for each day, helping you to key into what emotions may trigger your eating as well!

#4 – Build Up the Motivation

How to achieve sustainable weight loss through goal setting! HealthyandGolden

Get out your drawing pens and paper guys!! It’s time to get funky with it. The best way to build up your motivation is to write down your goals and stick them all around your house – especially in your kitchen when healthy eating is a priority.

Find the Resources

Google some photos of healthy foods, or that outfit you’re really wanting to get yourself into, and stick them up along side your goals. There is nothing better for motivation than the incentives to get to your goals!!

Mood boards are very popular. Stick specific words with your photos to create the ultimate effect and boost your confidence. This will keep you going on the hard days!

Goal Incentives

What are you going to win when you achieve your goals? You’ve done all this hard work and kicked those kilos to the curb – you need to reward yourself!!!!

And, just like we made sure with your goals – make sure your incentives are manageable and achievable. Life happens, and so do bills – ensure no matter how big your incentive, you can afford them – don’t blow your budget. Baby steps require baby incentives. When you get to your big goal, that’s when party time can happen!

#5 – Don’t Beat Yourself Up

This could possibly be the most important step, over your goals. No matter what, don’t beat yourself up. Mindset is everything when we are travelling in undiscovered territory!

You will have your bad days, but don’t let them defeat you.

There is this one quote I found while doing my studies, that I absolutely love, and I have it up on my fridge actually to remind on days when I may have slipped.

Lapses only become failures when they successfully intimidate you into stopping your weight reduction program.                – Harry Mills, Ph.D.

Yep. Don’t let a small lapse take out all your good efforts.

When you have a slip up, take a moment to refocus on your goals – reset your mood board, and get back on the band wagon. Write down some affirmations and resight them daily to keep that motivation going!

We are only human, but what you do next determines the future now doesn’t it!

You can do it.

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I hope that these 5 steps have helped you with setting your goals, and aligning your weight management journey. Now all you need to do is start!

Write to me below and tell me what your weight management goals are? What are you striving for – that sexy dress you’ve had your eye on, or to be able to run around with your kids without feeling puffed? Tell me all about it!

I love to hear from you, and your journeys – and please share any tips you might have aswell that work for you – you never know who it might help – even me!

Much love,
Emily xxx

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