How to stop emotional eating to help your weight loss stay on track - Healthy and Golden
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How to Stop Emotional Eating from Sabotaging your Weight Loss

It’s possible to make mistakes. We are only human – Billy Baldwin.

I could probably count past my hands how many times I’ve sat and wallowed, and eaten half my pantry.

You see, when ever things go wrong, and even when they don’t, I am an emotional eater.

Having anxiety is difficult when you are an emotional eater, because you think something is wrong when in reality, it isn’t, but the emotions still haunt you, and off you go on a self-sabotaging habit of unhealthy eating.

And afterwards, it is hard to feel anything but guilt for succumbing to those feelings, and ruining any efforts.

In those moments, I have to remember that I am only human, that I am doing the best that I can, and emotions are emotions just the same, whether they come from reality or not.

I want to talk today about emotional eating, because I know that it is a struggle that a lot of us face, especially when weight loss is concerned, and if you have the struggles of depression and anxiety on top, it can be all consuming.

If there is one thing I wish everyone could know, it is that emotions are normal, and healthy, and we should take them on board.

The moment that I did that on my healing journey with depression, a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

What are we without emotions? 

They drive us; they keep us alive; they help us feel and experience, and love.

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you are consumed by emotion.

How to stop emotional eating to help your weight loss stay on track - Healthy and Golden

The trouble with emotions though, is that when they come, we can be very quick to jump onto the eating wagon.

Whether we are hungry or not. The emotions mask our bodies responses and it is a way for us to ”get rid of” the emotions, but only temporarily.

That’s ok, sometimes we need days to heal, to not worry, to not give a shit. That is what life is all about – living a little.

Some days we feel like crap physically, and don’t want to eat that salad, we want to eat comfort food, or something we can stomach. That is ok.

Some days we have our period, and we are so bloated, and crabby, and emotional, and chips will make us feel better. That is ok.

As long as it is not a continuous habit, and you do it consciously.

Last month, I posted up about the Fundamentals of Healthy Eating, and in part 3, we talked about Portion Sizes.

If you’d like to grab the free portion and serving guides, you can head to the blog here.

If you are having a down day, don’t let it consume you entirely. If you want to eat something that makes you feel better, but may sabotage your health journey, go by the servings rule of thumb (literally).

Going by servings ensures you eat in moderation, without being taken over by the foods you are eating. You will satisfy your need for comfort food, without breaking the scales.

It means that tomorrow you can wake up, and be back on your health journey without guilt, and regret.

Stop your emotional eating from sabotaging your weight loss by doing this one step! Find out now at Healthy and Golden

If you’re needing a little help to get yourself back on track on your health journey, I have a post that can help you set some goals and find the best path for you to take. You can read it here.

I hope that this post has eased some frustration for you. Don’t let emotional eating get the better of you, but remember that you are only human, and without emotions, what are we?

We all have down days, but it’s what you do the next day that matters towards your health.

Much love,
Emily xxx

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