How to be happy and get what you want in life - The Golden Triangle FREE EBOOK @ Healthy and Golden
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How to Be Happy in Your Life – and Get What You Want

One of the ultimate goals in life for many of us, including me, is to be happy. It’s what we strive for..

I just want to be happy.

We get misguided through our journeys, as to what this can be sometimes. I don’t know how many times I’ve reached a goal, thinking it will make me happy, only to feel depleted and thinking that ‘just maybe’, if I choose another bigger goal, I will feel that contentment that is meant to put you at ease.

Little do we know, that if we continue on that cycle, we will never be happy, just continuously disappointed.

I believe that happiness is your present day – how you live your day, who you spend it with and what little treasures you find along the way.

How to be happy and get what you want in life - The Golden Triangle FREE EBOOK @ Healthy and Golden

As I’ve moved through the struggles of adult life (hello mum and dad, can I move back in and play kid?), and studying Health Coaching, one of the most common notions that comes up,… is ‘being happy’, and ‘being happy with YOURSELF’.  What a big ask…

But there is one concept that I have grown to love, which resonates with me and my own personal journey..

‘The Golden Triangle’.

The Golden Triangle came about when a study called the ‘Australian Wellbeing Index’, was conducted over a 15 year period, which in it’s findings found that to ‘be happy’, it relies on 3 factors, or ‘a triangle’ as such – Financial security, Sense of purpose in life, and good personal relationships. These are the foundations of happiness in a person’s life.


Now this is a great foundation to work on – you definitely need a great support system, less worries about money, and to somewhat feel like you have a purpose, but drawing from my own personal experiences, it doesn’t seem enough.

When I was at my lowest, I had great personal relationships that supported me, I had somewhat financial security (who really does these days? — something always pops up), but yes, alas, my sense of purpose in life was faltered.

As I started to get better, receive counselling and find myself again, there was still something missing.

Good Health.

I was 30kg overweight from my struggles with depression, anxiety and an unhealthy emotional eating habit. My hormones were out of whack and amping up my anxiety, and hyperhidrosis. I had gathered an unhealthy habit of sitting on the couch from the past year of feeling down, and mentally exhausted. There was not a single ounce of healthy lifestyle, or good health in me whatsoever.


It wasn’t until I went on medication for my hyperhidrosis, and Duromine to help kick-start my weight management journey, that I started to feel better.  I started to eat better, and exercise because I felt better.

You see — less weight, and feeling comfortable, means more energy and clearer thoughts, which in turn means more room to be healthier (be more active, eat less junk) and live healthier (cook real food, meditation, positive thoughts).

In all of this, I was starting to feel happy, and when I say happy, I mean content (nothing is ever easy).

And then from there, I could find my sense of purpose in life. I had the passion revived in me, from my newfound healthy habits, and my depression and anxiety easing. I could clearly think about what it was in my life I needed and wanted. It was like rebuilding a whole new me again.

Feel there is something missing? Maybe your life isn't in alignment? - Find out with the 4 Crucial Steps to Happiness in Life - @ Healthy and Golden

You see, without good health, there is no –

Financial security – medications, constant financial strain from health service payments, inability to work/inability to meet work requirements.
Good personal relationships – you either do not have energy for social outtings, it exhausts you to talk to people, or you’re shut off from the world; and
Sense of purpose in life – when your health is down, you feel down (stress creates an irritable gut, which in turn can lead to depression, and your body shuts down so it can heal itself – survival instinct), you are restricted to your means until your health is better, where you can start to rebuild the life you want to live.

Seriously,.. isn’t the body miraculous in it’s own ability to survive, and change among circumstances to keep you alive.

I strongly believe that good health is the key to the good life you want to live. Without it, you cannot be yourself, you are restricted from the things you want to do – and so, this is one of the foundations I live by.

And so, here I welcome my own ‘Golden Triangle of Health and Happiness’.


As I said, it all interlinks. We cannot survive and be happy without good health, and without good health, we cannot create money, we cannot support relationships, we cannot have a sense of purpose when bombarded with jaded thoughts and illness.

So, summarising over your life, how do you feel you are balanced around the triangle.

Is your health where it needs to be, to create balance over the other 3 factors of happiness?

Luckily for you, to help you along, I’ve created a quick sheet to see what your balance is like over the Golden Triangle of Health and Happiness. We will go over each point – what it means and how YOU can balance it out, to feel content and move forward with your life, to find the purpose you are wanting to find!

Download it now by clicking on the banner below – you may just find your sense of purpose!

How to be happy and get what you want in life - The Golden Triangle FREE EBOOK @ Healthy and Golden

Let me know what you think, and any questions you may have! I love to hear your journeys, and your views on all things health!

Much love,
Emily xxx

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