This month's Box review is the October Secrets Organics Box - what did I think and what would I buy again?? - Find out @ Healthy and Golden
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October Secrets Organics Box Review Reveal

It’s time for the monthly box review, and this month’s choice of boxing is the Secrets Organics Mini Box. Before we review, I’d like to point out that this is in no way affiliated. On my own health journey, I purchase these boxes to enrich my own healthy lifestyle and love to share them with you so you can do the same! 

The October Secrets Organics Mini Box Review

Now, I’ve got a list of boxes to review each month, as I’m a bit of a health research fanatic and trying to find some good products for myself and my family to use instead of the GMO riddled, and animal-cruel body products every where these days. So, upon finding a bunch of boxes to subscribe to, I found the Secrets Organics website.

This month's Box review is the October Secrets Organics Box - what did I think and what would I buy again?? - Find out @ Healthy and Golden

Secrets Organics is an Australian based company, and what draw me to them was that their boxes weren’t just as food or beauty, but a combined mix. Their focus is on food, home and beauty products which are organic, and are reasonably priced (cause why shouldn’t healthy products be easy to purchase!). The founder is Bexx, a mother of two, who just like me, is trying to find healthy products for her family and their health. I love her vision.

Id love to see a world where products aren’t labeled organic, they simply are.

Amen to that one!

You can grab a Mini Sampler, as I did, for $20, or have ongoing subscription for $21AUD a month. The boxes are worth the price, because the value is so great and the range is fantastic too! Have a look below at the box I received..

So without further ado, let’s open up the box!

This month's Box review is the October Secrets Organics Box - what did I think and what would I buy again?? - Find out @ Healthy and Golden

I was quite surprised at the range of products, from the Tonic Chai sachets (two of them!), to feminine products, clay mask to lubricant! Let’s check each product out..

This month's Box review is the October Secrets Organics Box - what did I think and what would I buy again?? - Find out @ Healthy and Golden
Cusco-Peru Peruvian Pink Salt – 600g for $9.9AUD

I love Himalayan salt!! It has so so so so many health benefits for you. 1 tbsp a day is your daily requirements of minerals for your body (although probably best you don’t just scoop a spoonful and eat it haha!). This pink salt is just as good, with a bit of a stronger taste.
I could not find the original website for this salt, but the website above has a great deal for 600g! 

Photo 16-10-17, 9 04 39 am

Organic Cocoa Powder – $10-$20AUD

I love me some cocoa powder, some choccy milk, some hot chocolate!! And this powder is great! As always, organic cocoa and cacao powders are expensive, but this is fair trade as well, and it is so fine, it really works well with any recipe. This product alone is half the value of the box, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth with this one!

Australian Superfood Co. Wattleseed Powder – $12AUD

I haven’t yet used this in a recipe – they call for it to be put into smoothies, or onto yoghurt, but this powder has a VERY strong taste, and smell too! It reminds me of those hard crackers you can buy at the shops, that taste similar to what I would think cardboard would taste. However, this is meant to be an amazing superfood with loads of protein, iron, zinc and other minerals you need.

Tonic Chai Powdered Drink – 100gm for $35AUD

For health reasons, I couldn’t try this myself but I handed it along to my sister-in-law, and she said it’s “interesting”. Now, if you look at the cost, it’s crazy but the 100gm bag makes 25 cups of the stuff, and I received 2 sachets in the box that make 2 cups each! If you’re looking for a tonic that tastes great and has so many health benefits, this is the best option! Turmeric has so many great properties such as an anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, helps to prevent blood clots, and the list goes on (Ref), which is why turmeric milk is so popular! Definitely try out this chai powder, it may take a little getting used to but the health benefits are major!

Photo 16-10-17, 9 04 59 am

The Family Hub Organics Natural Lavender Washing Powder – 2.5kg for $32.

This is an amazing product!!!!! Yes, that many exclamations because it seriously is. Not only does is smell pretty, but it is 100% natural so no chemicals, and I found it made my washing machine smell pretty too. I think it honestly cleaned it out in the process.
Now this company has so many amazing products, but the washing powder is definitely worth a try and comes in 4 different types – Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Unscented. You can also get a trial pack 350g for $6. Worth it!!

Photo 16-10-17, 9 06 12 am

Tsuno Ultra Thing Bamboo Panty Liners – 20 for $6.40AUD

I’ve used Tsuno before, and found their Bamboo pads just as good, so I was happy to receive a box of panty liners with this month’s box to review. They are 100% natural, free from chemicals, and they fit really well (don’t irritate with the sides, or feel bulky). They also do tampons, and overnight pads too.  Also, I just realised on their website, they do monthly subscriptions – how great that you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve got enough lady products for the month ahead (and over $70 is free shipping too!)

I’m a big advocate for feminine hygiene products that are natural, because alot of the products available have many chemicals including bleach and chlorine! You wouldn’t put those chemicals up your lady parts, so why use products that do! There still isn’t much evidence as to what the long term effects of these products can do to your feminine hygiene and fertility as well. I’m also not sure about menstrual cups, as although they are medical grade silicon, silicon is still a chemicalised product. I do suggest using ONLY 100% natural products down there!

Photo 16-10-17, 9 06 19 am

Alitura Naturals Clay Mask – $59.

Anybody watch my Instagram or Snapchat review last week about this clay mask!?  I went through the ‘recipe’ for the clay mask (nope, this isn’t just a simple clay mask – you can add many things to it!). You can mix with apple cider vinegar, and add any beauty oils or essential oils you prefer for your skin – I did half water/apple cider vinegar because I have sensitive skin, and added some rosehip oil for extra moisturising.

Photo 31-10-17, 9 38 00 am

Overall, this is a really good clay mask! But it does set hard so definitely moisten the ENTIRE face before you try to wipe it off. It also can leave your face red for a while afterwards, which is normal. They have step by step instructions on their website, which are very handy. Alitura have a wide range of body products for you to try, and this clay mask in the box came jam-packed – it was full to the top! So for a $59 value, in a $20 box with other products, I was stoked!

Photo 16-10-17, 9 06 26 am

Jo Personal Lubricant – $10.99USD

Last but not least, let’s talk about LUBE! I was quite surprised to find this in the box, not something you really expect, and I haven’t really researched about “personal” products and what they have in them. So here goes..
Hydroxyethylcellulose: highly toxic cancer-causing agent
Sodium Hydroxide: “Avoid all contact!” It reacts violently with acid and corrodes metals.
Propylene Glycol:  skin irritant and can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.
Benzoic Acid: damage to lungs, nervous system, and mucous membranes, which is where it is placed when used as a lubricant.
You can read more information on these findings, right here.

FAR OUT. And we put this on our lady and man bits?? Go throw out your lube right now!

Now, this lube when rubbed between the fingers is quite smooth and it actually instantly washes off with water. It has a very honey-like smell, which now reading the website, it has a vanilla flavour? It is also made up of 95% organic ingredients, so that’s a great bonus!!  If you’re interested, they also have a Strawberry flavoured one, a toy cleaner, and a feminine spray as well, all natural products.

And that’s all for the review!

I didn’t realise it was going to be a long one, but hey! You’ve learnt some valuable information about some personal products, and now have a list of great natural products to try for yourself!

I hope you enjoyed the review, definitely let me know what you think in the comments below, and any great products you’ve found recently!! I love to hear what you have to say.

Much love,
Emily xxx

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