How to take good care of yourself with a self care plan!
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The Importance of Self Care – A Self Care Plan to Take Good Care of Yourself

Hellloooooo guys! Welcome to November! Gahh.. This year has gone so damn fast, I haven’t been able to catch up, and next year, I don’t even wanna talk about next year!

Next year, I’m looking at becoming qualified, starting up two different types of businesses, getting married, moving, prepping Mister C for his first year of school, and something else is coming along but it’s a secret (hehehe). It is going to be a busy year – my new planner is already full of reminders.

As it is, this year has seemed to be so busy, hense why I’ve blinked and all of a sudden it’s November. Mister B is away with work at the moment, so I’m home with the crazy 3 year old trying to keep my wits together as he tears up the place one minute at a time.

Add this along with my anaemia that puts down rules like – you can only have a shower today and do nothing else, or don’t even think about cooking dinner. Handling Mister C and trying to function is just a never-ending battle.

And me-time? HAHA. Who has time for that (I can see you lovely mummies out there nodding with me).

Actually I lie a little, when Mister C, goes to bed, and it’s just me then awake, it’s a little bit of peace, usually swallowed up by reality tv shows or Netflix. guillty.

But that doesn’t seem to make me feel better, how about you?? Mummy brain kicks in and is like ‘you coulda been doing this blah blah blah’.

So as of late, I’ve been trying to step it up with the self-care, me-time routine.

How to take good care of yourself with a self care plan!

Do you remember that time, before kids, where you had a good sleep, and it was the weekend, so you sat in your pyjamas and read that favourite book or juicy magazine, sipped on that nice hot coffee, and put your feet up without any disturbances, or maybe your partner just trying to grab your bum.

Yeah, me neither. It’s now one of those nice dreams I have, where I can’t figure out if it was real or not when I wake up.

MY POINT IS. (Get with it Emily).

Self-care and me-time is nice, it’s crucial, it’s a revitalisation without paying $300 for a massage. It’s heaven, it’s quiet, it’s peace.

But even if you can’t get quiet and peace, self-care is important.

You are the most important person in your life (yes I knowww, there’s the kids) — but if you’re cup is empty, how are you going to fill theirs?

Like I said before, I’ve been battling with the struggle of functioning and looking after Mister C, because my cup has been empty for a long while now. It’s not healthy, or good for the fam bam when you’re a cranky poo!

I’m giving you the ticket to have some time alone! TAKE IT!

You need to recharge the batteries, if not every day, it MUST BE atleast ONCE A WEEK.

It can get so much running the household, going to work, looking after the kids, you catch my drift..

So lovely, I’m chucking a few ideas your way at how you can get some me-time in, even if it is just 10 minute increments during your day. Especially at this time of years, these are gonna come in handy!


How to take good care of yourself with a self care plan!

Book out a solid hour each week for your grooming

Put your hand up and your foot down, and yell I NEED TO SHAVE MY LEGS — cause sometimes, that can get a miss, can’t it ladies! (even when I was single.. haha! Hello winter, helloo pants, gooodbye shaving! YES). Not only is this time to do whatever you need to do, it’s a pamper time too. Get the music on, get out that nice lotion and that face mask you’ve been dying to use. USE IT! Live in luxury.

Bust out the dance moves

This is especially for the SAHM’s out there –  If your up to your ears in kids stuff, and get no time for exercise, bust out the feel good tunes and dance away! The kids will come along too (so it’s not exactly ” me time ” ) BUT it will make you feel good, give the kids a good time without bugging you, and you can fit in your exercise too. Exercise releases endorphins – the happy hormones – and boost your energy too, so you’ll be winning! My weakness is Britney – still love her.

Grab that coffee break

Do you have $5 spare bucks? GOOD. Get out of the house and go to Maccas, grab your coffee and let the kids loose on the playground. You can sit and watch them (and be a good mumma) while you have a breather and a nice break, and don’t forget the magazine!

Run the kids to bed and run that bath!

When was the last time you took a bath? Nooo, I’m not asking if you’ve cleaned yourself lately. I’m talking about a nice deep soak with relaxing music and one of those cool bath bombs that makes colours and bubbles! Have you heard of LUSH?? (Try these ones out). Always make sure your bath products are natural – you don’t want to hurt yourself while your relaxing – Lush uses essential oils in theirs! BUT, if you don’t have the time to duck out to the shops and grab some pretties, you might have some essential oils at home. Try these blends out!

essential oil blends for bath relaxation destress
Book out a date with yourself every month, or maybe twice!

You deserve to do what you want, without having anybody else in tow! I can’t even describe the feeling of going to the shops by myself – it’s like breathing again, but always feels like you left something at home. Go see a movie, get your nails done, get your hair done or just enjoy a breather. DON’T take this opportunity to see a girlfriend, this is YOUR time!

Journal away..

This might seem like a simple thing, and maybe a little bit cheesy, but there is something definitely refreshing about writing away about WHATEVER in your journal. Let the pen run wild, or you could try out some journal prompts if you’re a little stuck. Here’s a few for the mix!

– What is something I would love to learn?
– What do I love about myself
– The thing that I’m most thankful for is..
– If I won $50,000, what would I spend it on? (Always a fun one!)
– If I could go back into the past and fix one moment, what would it be, and why?

Some of these can get a little heavy, some can be just for fun, but they are great ways to find your inner-self and what makes you tick! You might even find a new passion you want to try out, which brings me to the next tip for self-care!

Do what makes you happy

Have you got a hobby that you love to do, but haven’t had the time? Try to implement this into each day, or week as much as you can. Like they say, ‘Do what sets your soul on fire’. It will make you excited for life, and warm and fuzzy on the inside. You never know where hobbies can take you!

Educate yourself

Want to learn something new? but have no idea what?. Try reading a new book, or read a podcast. Now that there are audiobooks available, these are so easy to do while your doing the washing, or dishes, or join in the kids (for the PG versions haha) and play them in the car! You never know what you might learn!

Go for a walk

Get out in the fresh air! We don’t get outside in the sunshine enough, and Vitamin D and fresh air help with ALOT of illness prevention, including depression. Vitamin D boosts our happy hormone, and also regulates our hormones so we work more efficiently too. Sunshine = no mood swings! 🙂

Go to bed earlier..

If there is one thing you should be doing, especially if you feel worn out and overwhelmed, is sleeping earlier! Sometimes all we need (especially if we have littlies), is an extra hour of sleep! If your a first time mumma with a newbie, sleep when they sleep! Trust me.

Remember you.

This has to be the most important self-care tip, and I’m gonna go a little bit preachy and lovey dovey here. Remember you!

Lovely, (there we go), you run around all day every day for somebody else, and forget about the one person who truly really matters – because without you, things wouldn’t work so well. Do you take the time to look at yourself in the mirror? Do you take the time to breathe and ask yourself – what you really need?

Sometimes we are so busy in our day we haven’t even eaten! I myself have been there a few times, wondering why I’m so angry at 3pm and figuring out it’s cause I haven’t even eaten at all. As I said before, don’t run on an empty cup – even half empty. You need to fill your cup too, just as you do helping every body else fill there’s.

Running on empty without any fulfillment can cause so many issues with your health – high cortisol levels from stress alone are the main cause for so much illness. Take the time to breath, and find yourself. And LOVE YOURSELF.

You are amazing. Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve all the trimmings just as much as anybody else. So go have that beautiful bath, take a breather and grab that coffee, dance to those tunes and go see a flick all by yourself. Treat yourself as special as YOU ARE.


So, there’s all my self-care tips for you! I hope they help you out! And while the kids are home this coming Christmas break, don’t forget about YOU. Grab these self-care tips to go, and maybe grab your partner along the way!


Much love,
Emily xxx

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