How to choose essential oil blends for stress and anxiety - the right brands to use and a list of blends to help you feel better!
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How to Choose Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

Every day with anxiety can be a struggle.

I remember when I was at my lowest, in depression and anxiety, it was hard for me to differentiate what were real feelings, and what were just fears. It is such an overwhelming feeling when that happens, when all reality becomes insecure, and you don’t know what you should do.

It took me just over a full year of hard work, and “mind control” to turn myself around to think straight again, and to not let the fears and unknown take over my body and world.

It definitely is a hard journey, and besides learning what was real and wasn’t, a load of journalling, healthy eating and exercise, there was one other tactic I used to really help myself get through it all.

Essential Oils.

These little bottles of awesomeness, would take my heightened emotions and ground me right back down to earth, to help me breathe again and figure out my next move.

How to choose essential oil blends for stress and anxiety - the right brands to use and a list of blends to help you feel better!

But before I go any further, picking the right essential oil for stress, especially anxiety, is VERY IMPORTANT.

It isn’t to be taken lightly.

I remember one day, I was so heightened, I was almost having a panic attack. My chest was strained, I couldn’t think about ANYTHING, my throat was tight and I was ready to burst. So I thought I would try an essential oil blend I found on Pinterest.

Now, 2 years later, I can’t exactly remember what blend it was, but I remember it was called some ‘Happy Blend”. Well let me tell you, there was a wrong mix in that one!!

I went to instant Panic Attack, hardly being able to breathe. I couldn’t sit still, my head was EVEN WORSE (which I don’t even know how that is possible). I had rubbed this blend on my pulse points, and diffused, so I had to get-my-shit-together and turn off the diffuser. I then jumped in the shower and radically washed off the blend from my pulse points, and just sat there for a while, until my body and mind could calm down and I could finally think again.

It was crazy. To remember it 2 years later, exactly how I felt, is crazy.

So today, I’m sharing some info on Essential Oils that are great for stress, but my first point of contact is that what can work for someone, may not work for another, and each oil or blend can have different effects as well. So, try lightly the first time with a carrier oil before using on straight. Just like you would with any medication, because really, that’s what essential oils are! Nature’s medicine, but soo much better than the crap they feed you from the chemists.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are oils secreted from nature, be that from flowers, bark, seeds, stems, or other parts of plants. They are the reason certain plants have certain smells, and are used in nature to protect those plants from weather/predators, and help with pollination as well. (Ref)

What are essential oils used for?

Essential oils are used for many reasons – mainly for emotional or physical benefits, but they can also be used for cleaning the house, or for pest control as well. They can be diffused in a special diffuser (not a humidifier as it burns off the health properties), added to the pulse points of the body, or internally depending on the purpose of the oil or blend, and type of oil or blend. Some oils cannot be ingested.
Here is some information on how to use essential oils.

How to choose an essential oil?

This is a really important step. To choose an essential oil blend, is first to look at what is in the oil itself. I’m not talking the ‘type of’ oil, but the brand, and whether it is a pure oil.
You can grab so many synthetic oils on the market these days, but they do not contain the health benefits that pure essential oils do – in fact, they can actually do the opposite, and worsen your health.

How to choose essential oil blends for stress and anxiety - the right brands to use and a list of blends to help you feel better!

My brand of choosing is Dottera (unaffiliated) as they are so open with all their essential oils and where they come from. They also supply you with a ton of information. Not long after Mister C was born, I bought the Family Essentials Kit, and we haven’t looked back. It has helped our health in so many ways, whether it’s been headaches, ear infections, colds/flus, and my anxiety and depression. I even grabbed some Cumin, Tangerine, Spearmint, and Dill for cooking and for use in my cupcakes (when I did baking 3 years ago!). They are so good!!

When I bought the Family Essentials Kit, I also grabbed this ‘Modern Essentials’ book which helped me with what oils could be used for what illnesses, and I later bought this pocket oil set so I can take the oils with me where ever I go – so handy when on holidays with kiddies, because illness doesn’t care about what you’re up to!

How to choose essential oil blends for stress and anxiety - the right brands to use and a list of blends to help you feel better!

But! There are so many different brands and types of oils out there, that there may be local suppliers near you for you to try!!

When choosing an essential oil, you should check the following (ref)-

  • ‘Fragrance’, ‘Perfume’ or ‘Nature identical oil’ are not pure essential oils.
  • Check for the quality of the oil – research on their website to see where the plants are sourced – Are they organic? Are they properly distilled or cold pressed to ensure the health benefits aren’t burnt off or damaged?
  • Are the bottles darker to ensure less sunlight can protrude through?
  • Is the top of the essential oil a rubber dropper? The essential oils will break down the rubber over time and therefore contaminate the oil. Try and go for oils with orifice reducers or no stopper at all, and use your own glass or plastic dropper.
  • Ensure that the supplier uses the plant’s Latin name on the bottle, or place of origin. When they do not add in these bits of information, it is hard to trust a company 100% – they may be hiding information on the processing of the product.

Yes I know! This is a lot of information to seek out just for some oil, but like I said before, these oils are like nature’s medication, and you wouldn’t just take medication off a stranger without knowing what it was or what it would do to your body.

Well I hope not! hehe

For more information on buying essential oils, do check out this article by Dr. Ericz which goes into more specific details and actually has a large list of oils that are recognised as safe to use, and their latin names.

What are specific oils that may help with stress and anxiety?

Specific oils that help with stress and anxiety include the following (Ref)-

  • Lavender;
  • Lemon;
  • Ylang Ylang;
  • Rose;
  • Vertiver;
  • Bergamot;
  • Chamomile;
  • Frankincense.

Doterra also has a range that I purchased and use frequently, which has recently changed to this one here.

Photo 6-11-17, 8 53 12 am

But, if these aren’t readily available to you, I’ve researched and found a bunch of blends that can help you out! Save these to your phone for days where your anxiety is heightened, and try away! When you find the blend that works best for you, I do suggest finding a bottle and making a mega-blend of it so you always have it readily available.

Remember though about my story above, try out slowly and with a carrier oil first. The last thing you need is to make your symptoms worse and have a crazy day!

How to choose essential oil blends for stress and anxiety - the right brands to use and a list of blends to help you feel better!How to choose essential oil blends for stress and anxiety - the right brands to use and a list of blends to help you feel better!How to choose essential oil blends for stress and anxiety - the right brands to use and a list of blends to help you feel better!

What are your favourite oils?? I love sweet ones like Wild Orange, and the Citrus Bliss blend which remind me of lollies! So good, and great to add to your washing for nice refreshing clothes!

Let me know what you thought of the blends! I hope they have helped you out, and you are now on your way to having a go-to collection of blends for any mood you’re in! Keep Calm and Oil Up I reckon!

Much love,
Emily xxx

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    1. These are for a roller ball mixed with a carrier oil as they would be too strong to apply by themselves.. if you want to use them in a diffuser I would use the same oils but in smaller amounts as most diffusers say to use only about 5-7 drops of oil each use 🙂 i hope that helps!


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