Easy Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family - A list of presents for each loved one so you don't have to think, or worry!
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A Guide for Easy Christmas Gifts for the Family!

If you’re anything like me, trying to find a great gift for your family members at Christmas time is hard. I don’t know how many times I’ve ended up just buying chocolate, because it’s the easiest option!

And who doesn’t like chocolate 😉

But this year I am determined to get them all good gifts! To show my love for each and every one of them, and have the best Christmas ever!!!

But, where do you seriously start???

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family - A list of presents for each loved one so you don't have to think, or worry!

Look no further my friends, I have created a list of quick Christmas gifts for each type of family member that won’t break the bank, and will still get to you in time to wrap and throw!

So let’s get to gifting shall we??

For the purpose of budgetting, and a fun Christmas time, I’m leaving all presents to go under the $50 mark. Click on the images themselves to go to that specific item..
And for all purposes, this is not an affiliated blog post. I share these gifts to help you out have a stress-less Christmas, so enjoy the finds!

For Mum/Aunt/Grandma

Jewellery. Custom made candles. Hand-made ANYTHINGS. Mum’s like sentimental things so here’s a list of treasures you could get for her!


Custom-made mugs! – Mum will love one you can make yourself for $9 at Vistaprint, or check out these beauties on hardtofind.com.au. They have a cat one that is super cute, or try out this mug for $32.H210BA898_fairies-and-flowers-black-leaf-mini-teapot_p1

Teapot sets – or you could go one further and get a fancy teapot set, like the huge range from T2 (they have over 50 to choose from, and that’s just the teapots!). This one is just $25!


Flowers – or go one more and get edible bouquets full of chocolate! Yumm! Edibleblooms.com.au has a great range!


Pyjamas – who doesn’t love pyjamas, especially this gingerbread set!! So it’s $56, $6 over the budget, but who can’t resist this Christmassy bundle, especially when ASOS ships worldwide for freeee!sukingiftset

Bodycare Gift Set – What girl doesn’t love a gift set for the body!! And this one is only $19.95 and all natural! Comes with a brush, body scrub and lotion. Can’t go wrong!

For Dad/Uncle/Grandad

Men love funny things. Don’t get them socks, or magazines (trust me, they don’t read them! I’ve got a pile of Mister B’s still sitting in the bedroom, yeah thanks haha!).


Custom-named Steak Brand – for the bbq lover. How cool is this for only $25!! Definitely a novelty item but they will use it, cause you know, it’s their steak. It has their name on it.


Novelty Items – Whether you’re just making jokes that your dad’s getting old, or they love bacon, there are a TON of novelty items on Yellowoctopus.com.au that will definitely make his Christmas!


Necessities – Beeropoly. The guys will want to get straight into this game once it’s opened. Monopoly for beer drinkies, and only $45. There are tons more of other “necessities” (and proper necessities) on Uncommongoods.com all for good prices too!


Adrenalin – Men love to do things, and by do things, I mean jump out of planes and ride 4WDS. But you knew that already right?? Go onto Adrenalin.com.au, or Redballoon.com.au to find some awesome prices for experiences like these! Sorry to say but most will not be under $50, but you can get a voucher! But they will be well worth it. He will thank you forever.

Wallets– When all else fails, get him a wallet. A nice leather one. They all love wallets, and it’s something they can actually use! There is a good range on Dadshop.com.au, like this one for $40! They also have some comic style ones around the $25 mark.

For the Sister/Daughter

This is a hard one, because depending on the age, it could range from Barbies to Lingerie. I’m going to go for the teen and early 20’s girl. Hope that helps!


Memory makers –  This is a cool game for some Teenyboppers, especially if they love to do creative and unusual things! This set is only $23! Great for a holiday buster to keep them happy, and out of your hair!


Candles! – How amazing does this candle sound!! Except, I don’t think they get what Netflix and Chill really means (Sorry, back to G rated). This beauty is only $25. And with it being a soy candle, your helping out her health too! BONUS! You can find other sweet little gifts on Hardtofind.com.au and free AU shipping!

b4135 (1)

Stickers and Diaries – I dunno about you but I still love my diary, and stickers! Stickers galore! This 30 page sticker book is only $25, and on Gifts Australia they have a range of notebooks/diaries she may like too!

typo drink bottle

Typo – If there is one online shop I can recommend, it’s Typo. I love Typo, and there are so many snazzy little things you can buy! She will definitely enjoy a voucher from this one! ‘Cause who seriously wouldn’t want a sparkly drink bottle for $17!


Bags and Accessories –  Cute little bags are a THING. And so are headbands, bracelets, all that jazz.. Rubi has a stunning collection including this beautiful Rose gold bag for $20! I may just buy it for myself!

For the Brother/Son

This is always tricky, well not really. Games, or sports. Isn’t it?


Virtual Reality Set –  This will blow his mind! Mister B and I have one, and it is fun! Although beware, too much can make you a little dizzy. Only $49!


Music for All Ears –  He’ll say thank you with these speakers! Easy to travel with and plug away! This is $39 from Gifts Australia.


Trendy Shoes –  Boys love shoes, and go one better with this glow in the dark paint – he can have some really cool kicks! Only $13! And you can get some cheap but cool kicks right here on DC Shoes Australia.


Desktop Arcade – Kill the boredom with this one! $40.


Movie Maker – How cool is this smart phone projector for only $28! More great little gadgets from prezzybox.com.

kaboompics_Girl drinking wine in her mug

So there we have it! A quick easy gift guide for you. You can now sit back and enjoy a drink knowing your set for Christmas presents this year. I’ve missed out little babies, cause they are so easy and cute to buy for! I hope this guide has helped you out with your Christmas shopping!

Don’t forget that next week, I’ve got the Ultimate Christmas Holiday Planning Guide being shared with 19 guides and checklists for you, including a budget tracker, quick stocking fillers guide, packing checklist, decorations checklist and Christmas dinner and lunch plans! You won’t have to worry about a thing this Christmas.. So hit the follow button on the right hand side to make sure you don’t miss it!

The Ultimate Christmas Holiday Planning Guide - A No Stress Christmas for You with 19 Printable Checklists and Guides!

If you liked or even purchased any of the gifts on this list, please let me know! I love to hear what you think, and if you have bought anything different for the categories that might be worth sharing, please comment down below! I love it!

Much love,
Emily xxx

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