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A Lil’ Announcement and Looking Towards 2018..

Hey guys! Today’s post is a little different, rather than the usual health blog posts. I usually get on a roll with those posts, and forget to show myself a bit more to you guys!

Today however, it’s all personal and full of excitement and a little bit of change (for now)…

Because, well, I’ve been keeping a secret. Some of you may have found out on my Instagram account..

My little family is expanding by one more!!

We are having a lil bub who is due on the 25th May next year – I’m currently 15 weeks!

Now although that is super exciting, the past few months have been terrible!

When I was pregnant with Mister C (my little but big 3 year old in the photo), I had some nausea and exhaustion with major exhaustion hitting in the third trimester.

This time? OMG.

As soon as I found I was pregnant, it wasn’t long before I was hit with extreme fatigue. I’m not 100% sure if this is due to my iron, or just this pregnancy, but trying to get through the day has been a tricky task.

As you may know, I’m a stay at home mum with Mister C, and no daycare days (unfortunately), so having extreme fatigue just isn’t suitable right now, especially when trying to also do the household duties, AND study, AND blog.

We are super grateful for this bubba though, as we lost one earlier this year. This does shine a small shadow on this pregnancy, and we’ve been met with loads of nervous energy and worry. Baby would have been here Christmas Eve so Christmas this year is also bittersweet.

But all is going well! Baby is very strong, and a complete little dancer during our scans, so I deal with the extreme exhaustion as a sign of continuing good hormones (although I do hope it lets up a little before the third trimester so I can have a bit of a break!)..

Mister C is super ecstatic too, and always asking about the baby. He hasn’t yet been to any scans so we are looking forward to the 20 week scan for him to see! And, just as excited because this time we will be finding out the sex then too!

I am nervous about how life with 2 kids will be, especially as Mister C can be very trying with his behaviour. This alongside with moving house next year, our wedding, finishing my health coach studies, and getting Mister C ready for school, it’s going to be a crazy 2018!

If you have any tips or tricks that could help me out with a life of two kids, I would seriously love to hear! I think I’m going to need it! Haha!

And so with all that combined, and how my health is right now, I have decided to postpone my blog for a while, until after May when this bub is born. This will give me time to really get into my studies and become qualified before bubs is here, and also, to focus on my little family and my health with all the craziness that’s going on!

I will be posting little updates here and there, letting you know what’s going on, but the regular weekly blog posts and Juicy Facts will be post poned.

Please be patient with me, as coming alongside this, will be health coaching services and some more in depth posts as I’ll be qualified and wanting to help you all a lot more!

I’m also planning to launch a health course towards the end of next year as well, which will be fantastic for anyone wanting to create a healthier and simpler life for themselves, from their computer or phone!

As I’ve said before, my main goal in life (besides my gorgeous family), is to help others regain their health and lifestyle back.

2018 is going to be a great year! What are you looking forward to? I’d love to hear what’s your big news in life right now!

Much love everyone,

4 thoughts on “A Lil’ Announcement and Looking Towards 2018..”

  1. 2 Kids Emz is hard work but tottally worth it! Just make sure you have someone to talk to regularly (Not just Mr B) for adult conversation. Never be afraid to ask for help! Love ya Long Time

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