Here's my 25 week pregnancy update - What's the gender and how are things going? Plus I touch base on hypnobirthing, my studies and what is coming to Healthy and Golden!
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How My Pregnancy is Going So Far and What’s Coming to Healthy & Golden!

Hellooo!!! It’s me… (mumbles Adele lyrics)…

How is everyone! Hope everyone is well! I feel like it has been ages since I have posted a true post, even though it was only last week that I wrote up the Liebster award post answering some personal questions about myself and my favourites!

It’s different though when it’s health related, or life related.. don’t you agree!

Here's my 25 week pregnancy update - What's the gender and how are things going? Plus I touch base on hypnobirthing, my studies and what is coming to Healthy and Golden!

So here I am, throwing you a preggo update as I’m now 25 weeks pregnant! Eeeshh.. It’s like a definite count down to 40 weeks once you hit 20 – when you realise your half away, and start going to the antenatal clinic – the business end of things are coming for sure!

Since I wrote up my birth announcement post, where I described the sheer exhaustion I had been suffering from alongside morning sickness in the first trimester, things have started to look up for me and bubs.

No more morning sickness, as I figured out the metformin was bringing it on. One week away forgetting my tablets at Christmas time, was a blessing of no vomitting or queasiness,  so I decided to come home and leave the Metformin packed away. It’s been nice ever since, and my fatigue has subsided as well – besides the usual exhaustion if I push myself too far, or get too crazy going through baby stuff in the nursery room!

Here’s a snapshot of the nursery. There’s still a ton to do, and it’s making me anxious!


We had our gender reveal a few weeks ago, and announced to everyone we were having a BOY through cannon powder (man, that stuff makes a mess!). We are ecstatic to add another little man to our family, although Mister C is still very adamant that it is a girl! He may be a little disappointed when bubs comes!

What’s one thing that has been a highlight for us in the past two months?

Definitely being able to feel our boy move – he is so active, and his fave spot to kick is down below —– when I have to hold water for our scans, it really makes me nervous! Here is a profile shot from our scan yesterday.


What am I trying my best to get through right now?

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes two weeks ago, and this has been a challenge as I have to test my bloods 4 times a day, and really keep an eye on my carbohydrate intake.

One thing that not many people know, is that Gestational Diabetes can be diagnosed to ANY WOMAN, no matter their health, weight, etc but of course there are risk factors that make having gestational diabetes more of a possibility like larger BMI, family history, past history of a GD pregnancy. 

Gestational diabetes is relevant to the placenta, where the hormones produced can disrupt or ‘block’ the mother’s insulin from working effectively, and it progresses more as the pregnancy progresses, due to more hormone production! It is a struggle because besides keeping track of your food intake, hormones are at play and there isn’t much else you can do besides go onto metformin or insulin if suggested by your practitioners and diabetic educator.

So here I am, doing my best and watching my levels. I really hope that I can control them without having to go on metformin again, because I don’t want to end up sick all the time once again! And if that’s the case, it’s onto insulin instead for my levels, but it’s whatever must be done to keep me and bubs safe! Ladies with gestational diabetes have a higher risk of pre-eclampsia too, hense why it is so important to keep it in check.

I am taking this challenge as a blessing in a way though, as I continue through my studies with Health Coaching! As silly as it sounds, it gives me a further insight into the lives of individuals with diabetes, and will help me to relate with their experiences during sessions, and with any healthy eating strategies and tips I can give!

You’ve always got to look on the bright side! Especially when life can get a little dark sometimes..

BUT. My stats are good, I’ve only gained 1kg since falling pregnant (Woohoo!!!), and baby is growing at normal rate, so fingers crossed we keep up the good work! (fist pumping baby right now in my head).

I’ve decided to do Hypnobirthing with this bub as well, as I did with Mister C. It was an amazing experience, although had it’s own complications, but I am definitely excited to try it again and see how the birth goes with this one! Maybe later on, either before or once I’ve had bubs, I’ll write up a post about it and let you all know about my experiences! For now though, if you are pregnant and interested to know more about Hypnobirthing, head along to BexLife on youtube and watch her hypnobirthing information videos and her wonderful birthing story here! You will be amazed at what can happen when you open yourself up and let your body do all the work!


So what’s new for Healthy and Golden you ask??

I am so excited, as with my new found energy levels, I am back at it with my studies and just submitted my Meal Planning assignment!!! Yep YEP. I know everything I need to know about how to meal plan for you guys now, so I’m really excited to start putting some resources together and do up some basic clean eating plans for you.

AND, on my Facebook page, I’ll be sharing more recipes I find and a healthy-eating video each day from one of my lovely gurus so that you can get the best knowledge possible for your health, and reach your goals! So get on over to my Facebook page! Give it a like, and follow me so those awesome finds jump straight into your feed when you hop on! Click on the banner below to go straight there 🙂

Join me on Facebook for daily recipes and healthy eating tips straight to your feed! Click, like and follow me for lots of love!

With that in mind…

I want to know what you are struggling with RIGHT NOW.

What are you doing with your healthy eating and lifestyle habits RIGHT NOW that you might need some help or some motivation with!

Are you pregnant too?? Do you have or have had gestational diabetes?

Throw me a comment below or jump on my Facebook and send me a message! I love to hear from you, and your feedback will only help me find relevant things to write about on H&G to help you out the best I can!

I’ll be touching base every few weeks, with new updates, and maybe even a few healthy eating blog posts now that my studies are furthering my passion for health research!!

But of course, keep touching base and let me know your stories, questions, comments! I love to hear it!

Much love,
Emily xxx

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