The Honest Truth About How Much Money We Spent On Takeaway This Month, and Easy Tips On Saving Money With Food Shopping @ Healthy and Golden
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The Honest Truth About How Much Takeaway We Spent This Month, and Money Saving Tips for Food Shopping

Confession. I am not a health freak.

I love my food. I hate exercise. I’ve always been that way.

Didn’t do good in PE, I passed (barely), but ask me how I did with my Home Economics (cooking), I got a VHA – Very High Achievement. Cause I kick butt at baking, I really suck at push-ups.

Seriously. 4 years ago, I was attempting to build my own cupcake business. Check this out…..


And my yummies…

One of the many reasons I went from 80kg to 119kg. I mean, you gotta make sure that your cupcakes taste the part right?? A cupcake business will not go well if the cupcakes taste like s**t.

Even Mister B had a belly, not a beer belly. A batter belly hehe.

ANYWAY, you get my drift. In my house, we are foodies, but we are convenience foodies. The worst kind.

If we had enough money to never cook, we wouldn’t. We would be living our way through good food from so many different pubs and taverns. #haloumifries

BUT. If there is one thing that makes you think about your habits, (besides studying health coaching), it’s bringing a baby into the world, and since being pregnant with #2, I’ve had to really watch what I eat with having gestational diabetes. You can read more about that one here.

That’s not to say I haven’t ended up eating food outta the home, whether that be Maccas or the ham and cheese croissant I ate at the shops. Like tonight, it’s been a crazy day with an early airport drop off, cramming down on an assignment, Mister C in Kindergarten (which exhausts him) and a super long 30 week antenatal appointment, so our dinner isn’t that healthy.


Dammit, Maccas get’s me every time..

It’s made me think though, what is this doing to my health! We know that convenience foods are higher in carbs, higher in fat, higher in sugar…. higher in everything. Anyone watched Supersize Me? How about That Sugar Film?

Yeah, it doesn’t really stop us from going for it when the going gets tough – especially with kids.

BUT, you know what does help change your mind, alongside a baby as I stated before…..?


That dinner just above, along side a 6 nugget happy meal for Mister C, cost me $19AUD. WTH.

So I’m curious to know how much I am spending on take out during the month, without really realising just how much!

The Honest Truth About How Much Money We Spent On Takeaway This Month, and Easy Tips On Saving Money With Food Shopping @ Healthy and Golden

If there’s one way to curb a habit, it’s hard truths, and since we are saving up for a wedding, moving, extras for the baby, and Mister B to take some unpaid time off for when bub comes too, finances sound like the answer!!

I want to know how much takeaway our family has purchased and eaten in the last month.

I’m going to scroll through our bank account and write down every food purchase (besides the weekly food shop) – and to define what I class as ‘takeaway’, this is small purchases like drinks, to dinner takeaway meals, to lunch and dinner meals we had while we celebrated our anniversary as well. Pretty much food purchases, besides the weekly food shop.

So here goes……..



Appalled doesn’t even come to how I feel right now.

And here flow the excuses…

Mister B has a fly in, fly out job so a lot of that is small purchases for lunches/drinks and such for him. The same has somewhat been for me between doctor appointments, travelling and late arvo quick fixes for dinners because I’m way too tired and it’s an “easier option”.

But 819.44!!!!

There really is no valid excuse for that amount of money.

That is a lot of money for our little family of 3, soon to be a family of 4.



The Honest Truth About How Much Money We Spent On Takeaway This Month, and Easy Tips On Saving Money With Food Shopping @ Healthy and Golden

So what am I going to do about that waste-of-money-down-the-drain?

I’ve done a little research, and created a few pointers for saving some money, instead of splurging/indulging/fatifying (new word! BAM!) on takeaway.

I’m printing these out and throwing them up in my pantry – and I suggest you do the same!


Don’t keep cash in your purse, nor keep your credit card there – I find if I have some hanging cash in my purse, I’m going to spend it. Luckily, we don’t do the latter, but it really makes you think what your mind can wonder too when you really want something to eat!

Don’t shop when you’re tired or hungry – this is the same sort of tip for when you’re doing your groceries!

Go to familiar shops when you are tired, and need food options –  you will know where the food items are, and won’t search each aisle for options, and come out with too many!

Think ahead before you go – what are some cheaper AND healthier options you can choose by going to your local grocer, instead of the local takeaway shop? A box of frozen fish fillets and a pack of chips can cost you less than $10, compared to over $20 where you’re more likely to buy a bigger serve than you’ll eat, and an unhealthy sugary drink to fit.

MEAL PLAN – Really meal plan, like.. ALL your meals. ALL the meals you eat. Every. Day. – this includes breakfasts, lunches, morning tea and afternoon tea, even supper. Don’t miss out on any possible meal opportunity.

Make it easier with leftovers –  Cook double quantities of meals, and pack up the rest for another night.

Bulk cooking snack foods and dinner staples – this includes prepping vegetables to already chopped up so they are quick and easy to throw/cook into dinners.

Pack your snacks – Whenever you head out of the house, think if you will need a snack. Throw your chosen snack into a container, and off you go! No need to spend money or even wait for snack foods, it’s right there waiting for you!

Use what you’ve got before buying more – this is a tip I’ve read from food budgeting queen Tiffany from Don’t Waste The Crumbs – scavenge through your pantry, and make an inventory. Use up what you have in your pantry before going and buying a meal! You never know what you might conjure up as a meal in less than 10 minutes, with a few ingredients!
Extra tip: While you’re creating your inventory, list expiry dates so you never have to regret grabbing out something that’s a bit on the off side.

They are some pretty good tips right?? Well, here’s to hoping that they help me out!
To help you out, I’ve created a FREE pdf version of these tips so you can print them out and throw them in your pantry too! Click on the image below to grab your free download!

The Honest Truth About How Much Money We Spent On Takeaway This Month, and Easy Tips On Saving Money With Food Shopping @ Healthy and Golden

BUT, I don’t like to do things lightly, and considering the amount of money that we have spent, and for the health of my family, I’m going one step further than these tips!

I’ve decided to do a NO TAKEAWAY APRIL.

Meaning, we aren’t purchasing any takeaway next month, and purely eating from home. No takeaway meals after grocery shopping.

No little ‘baby cino’ and chai latte dates with my little dude while we are at the shops.

I’m crazy if I’m going to the shops from now on anyway, April makes me Weeks 33-36 preggo. Ouchies.

It’s packaged snacks and organised dinners from here on out, and I’m going to document it all for you, with meal plans and using the tips I just shared above!

You and I both know how much money I am going to save by doing this (maybe even more!), and the health in our family is only going to benefit as well.

Mister B is on board after sharing the valuable (completely shocking) news, which makes things even better!

But I ask you,..

How much takeaway have you purchased in the last month, for yourself and your family?? You don’t really know just how much until you calculate it up!

I encourage you to get the calculator out RIGHT NOW and check the numbers, and try out a few of the tips I’ve shared above to see if you can save some money and your health will less takeaways!

And please, do share your experiences or a-ha moments. I’m really hoping we aren’t the only family that has spent so much on takeaway IN ONE MONTH (and this will be the last time that happens I tell you!).

I hope you enjoyed this post, and it’s given you some motivation to check your takeaway habits – I’d love to hear from you below on what you thought of the tips or any other tips you may have worth sharing!! Sharing definitely is caring – unless it’s takeaway right?

Much love,
Emily xxx

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2 thoughts on “The Honest Truth About How Much Takeaway We Spent This Month, and Money Saving Tips for Food Shopping”

  1. We really enjoy late lunches or early supper a couple times per month. It’s like a date for us, but I retired a couple years ago and he is now employed making half what he had been making. He is retiring mext year. Needless to say we are very diligent in knowing where our money goes. We both refuse not to have out date meals though so for Birthdayss and Christmas we ask for gift cards in lieu of some present we don’t really need. So when we eat out our bills normally run $50-$60. So with a $50 gift card the meals normally cost us the tip. Keeping track of money and how it’s spent is the reason we are able to be retired at 49 and 51. I loved reading your article very much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Sue for your comment and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! What a great idea with the gift cards, definitely a neat strategy to keep having those special moments without breaking the bank!
      Happy retirement to you both 🙂


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