How hard was it not eating takeaway for a month, and just when is baby number 2 coming? Find out on H&G..
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My Struggles with Eating Clean, No Takeaway| Pregnancy Update Third Trimester

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted. You could say I’ve been a little bit slack, but brewing a child has it’s down falls and one of them coming towards the end is really just having no motivation to do anything other than binge watch tv and sleep, or trying to sleep more so.

I’ve been a little bit hooked on the ‘Girls’ series on Foxtel, and now for some strange reason, am seriously loving ‘The Paradise’ on Netflix. Ah well, what can you do!

I’m literally rolling around to get myself around my house. I hit 38 weeks yesterday, and just tomorrow I’ll be induced – Woop!!


If there is one thing I am happy about with having gestational diabetes with this pregnancy, is the fact that I’m going to be induced early. This has been the hardest pregnancy by far compared to my first – I thought I was exhausted with Mister C, but man, I was hit with extreme fatigue this time around, really low iron needing two iron infusions, I had bad morning sickness alongside and then once I started to “feel better”, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and that has had it’s own troubles.

Last time I posted up about gestational diabetes, I was only recently diagnosed. It sort of hit a little hard, as I’ve noticed it does for most pregnant ladies – changing my diet to manage my blood sugar levels has had it’s ups and downs. One thing that is really hard is trying to change your daily habits and what you eat towards nighttime, so it better improves your fasting level (in the morning, before you eat), although fasting levels are relative to hormone production rather than your diet. I had to be under 5 in my target range (this is different for each state – I live in Aussie land btw), and I was always hitting 5.2-5.4 so they put me on Protaphane – A slow-release insulin that would help to bring my fasting levels down, and it has, although it’s taken me 12 units to get there. Some ladies can go up to high levels of 70 or more, so I’ve been quite lucky.

Needless to say, having to prick my finger every few hours, and then injecting myself nightly has been a real pain in the bum – especially with pregnancy brain, I don’t know how many times I’ve forgot to do my levels! Just the other night, I inserted the insulin needle into myself without filling it, and wondered why the button wouldn’t go in?? Definitely not my finest brainy moment haha!

Even with managing it well, baby #2 has ended up measuring on the bigger side, so that and the fact I am on insulin (which can slowly start to deteriorate the placenta earlier than normal), is why I’ll be induced tomorrow. Super SUPER nervous, but also a little excited!

And don’t worry, when he’s out and about, and I’m feeling good, I’ll update on how the birth went.

How hard was it not eatting takeaway for a month, and just when is baby number 2 coming? Find out on H&G..

One of the best things about this pregnancy though, and sorta being helping along with managing the gestational diabetes as well, is that I have only put on 3.5kg, compared to 16kg with Mister C – thanks chocolate mousse you delicious devil you! 

I sort of credit this time around to studying health coaching, where as last time, I was all about building up my cupcake business (how crazy what can change in just 4 years!). This time I knew the best foods (and portion sizes) for my body, with the diabetes also really helping to understand carbohydrates and just how they (and processed foods) can really affect the body.

Takeaway foods have been linked to large weight gain around the mid-section, the worst kind of fat deposits you want. Visceral fat clings to your organs and stops them from working effectively. Your liver gets fat and your kidneys have troubles, but that's not all. Click to read more on the nasties of takeaway foods and how you can fix it all!

If you haven’t been following along on H&G, last month I did a No Takeaway April Challenge, all because we spent way too much money the month before on takeaway, it really shocked us, and I’m sure it shocked a few others too! Even my family was appauled – may have had a tiny lecture from my parents (It really doesn’t matter how old you are, you still get a talking to!).

So I decided that the month of April was NO TAKEAWAY, and while I was there, we would transition to clean eating to really improve the health of our family. If you’d like to read along further with the challenge, learning how to eat clean and grab a month’s worth of FREE MEAL PLANS, you can read the first week’s post here.

To say that it wasn’t hard was an understatement, but it was eye-opening to see that even some natural alternatives that you think are healthy, have hidden chemicals and nasties within them that are just as bad as eating takeaway itself! We transitioned from sugar, to clean carbs, clean dairy, to upping our fruit and veg intake with smoothies, and it has been really great!

My energy is up (even though my exhaustion kicks it to the curb pretty quick right now), and I’m sleeping really well. We’ve noticed a bit of a difference in Mister C’s behaviour, because he isn’t consuming so many additives in the foods, and it’s been nice to still enjoy foods we like, such as cake, biscuits, BLISS BALLS, and even caesar salad (major preggo craving!!!). It’s really amazing what alternatives you can make to the foods you love, to make them healthier, and safer for your body and your entire family’s health!

How hard was it not eating takeaway for a month, and just when is baby number 2 coming? Find out on H&G..

In saying that though, I still had a few slip ups. Days where a friend would come over, and I was to get groceries delivered the next day.. It made it hard to “entertain” with no good lunch options in the house, and sometimes when I had a big day of doctors appointments, or Mister C really ran me to the ground emotionally, I did end up buying takeaway instead of cooking a meal for the family.

Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do, to stay sane and live a little too! 

Did I beat myself up? Maybe a little, as I was trying so hard to stick to the challenge, so I could relay it back to you all. But just like you, I am only human, and sometimes things arise in life and we do just have to go with the flow. All in all though, takeaway only summed up to 3 times in the entire month, so I class it as a win!

All we can do is realise why we did it, maybe it was emotions, maybe it was physical troubles like being tired, exhausted, run down, sore, or maybe it was just convenience after one bloody hard day!

One thing I have learnt is that sometimes life throws spanners, as always, but it’s how you move forward. The next day is a NEW DAY, and so, you get back into your goals and what you want from your life, and you keep doing those things to get where you need to go (this isn’t just about food, either!).

Now that we have transitioned to clean, it’s a lot easier to stick to clean eating as a whole, and I know that my family will be better for it.

I hope that if you followed along, you enjoyed the recipes and the tips I shared along the way. Healthy eating can be difficult, no matter what way you eat, how you measure it all up, how your lifestyle is at that time too – it’s all about balance and moderation.

As long as you don’t do what we did, and spend almost an entire week’s wage on takeout!! YIKES! NEVER AGAIN!


To help anyone along with their healthy eating, especially if they want to become a clean eater, I will be keeping the No Takeaway Challenge on the blog, so it can help anyone that needs it, including the meal plans and the recipe folder on the H&G Pinterest page as well.

If I can help even just one person to change their eating habits before I’m a qualified health coach, then that is amazing! And don’t worry, I’m almost finished my studies now so I’ll soon be offering some services (and discounts to my blog readers hehe) for weight management and I’m really looking forward to it!

If you would like some advice on healthy eating, or want to share your story with me, or even just talk about things health related, please feel free to message me through the Facebook page. I love to hear from you, to hear of your struggles and accomplishments, just as I have mine, and help in any which way that I can – it will only help me along with my studies, my future business and ultimately, helping you out on your own health journey!

So please, leave a comment below, and peruse the great No Takeaway April posts, and if you’d like to get some baby spam soon, please subscribe to my blog by finding the button on the right hand column! Soon #2 will be out, and I’ll be back to my weekly health and weight loss posts for you!

Much love,
Emily xxx

Before changing any health and lifestyle habits, please consult your practitioner. This is not health advice, but merely a reference of healthy foods and what they can do for the body, but each body and it’s nutritional requirements are different.

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3 thoughts on “My Struggles with Eating Clean, No Takeaway| Pregnancy Update Third Trimester”

  1. your story resonates with me, had gestational diabetes with my last baby too and the game changer was a complete dietary change. I have since gone clean and coaching others too. thanks for sharing xx


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