Healthy and Golden

About the Blog

Hello, I’m Emily, and welcome to Healthy and Golden!
Here I share loads of health and wellness advice and tips I’ve learnt from my many past personal experiences, and knowledge from my Health Coaching studies! If you’re looking for ways to start your health journey, continue on your journey of health, or some positivity and healing, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ll find loads of information ranging from DIY natural products for your home and body, healthy clean eating recipes to happiness and healing through yoga, meditation, journaling, and self help strategies to cope with depression and anxiety.


About Me

meprofileA little about me, hmm.. I’m a health conscious Aussie, and mother of 1!
The reason this blog came about was due to my own struggles with health and depression. I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety since my teenage years, becoming severe in 2015. This lead to detrimental affects on my health with weight gain, PCOS, and pre-diabetes.
Since then, it has been a goal and a passion to live to my healthiest self, where researching all things health has become a hobby, and helped me to reverse my PCOS and pre-diabetes. It is now a new found work opportunity as I study Health Coaching, and continue on my journey, sharing my findings, my struggles and my knowledge with you.

If you’d like to know more about my unhealthy eating past, you can jump to that here, or you can read my personal experiences with depression, anxiety and weight gain by going here.

Looking Towards the Future

I hope for Healthy and Golden to become a large platform of health and wellness with it’s own support network app, and Facebook health group. Once I am qualified as a Health Coach and Weight Management consultant, I plan to also study nutrition, and counselling. I plan to help individuals with their weight management journeys, and create health challenges with the broader online community. I want to share my love for health and happiness, and help those struggling with their own personal experiences, in any which way I can!

So please, stroll over my page, and enjoy the many musings and tips I’ve shared, and always, please share your thoughts, comments, and personal experiences with me!
I’m always available to reach so please contact me through the Contact page any time you have a question, or need somebody to talk to!

Much love,

Emily xxx


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